AF the App




We’re super excited to share our latest creation: AF the App! That’s right folks; we designed and engineered a mobile application exclusively for the iOS platform…all by ourselves! Kamaljeet did the designing. Jas did the engineering. Stay up to date with our latest music videos, touring information, art exhibitions, photographs, and blog posts. We’ll even send you notifications when something exciting is happening, but rest assured, we won’t bother you too much. Oh yeah, we should warn you….the app kind of became self-aware and has a bit of an ego problem. It likes to tell you all about the things it can do. It even started ranking all of our fans and demotes them for the pettiest of reasons. Don’t worry, in our hearts you’re all number one! Also, every time you leave the app, it has something to say. We think it has some daddy or abandonment issues. We’re sure it’ll be fine. Yeah. Pretty sure. Go ahead and download the app now by clicking the link below or searching for “AF the App” in the App Store. Tell your friends about it, rate us highly (five stars!), and write a good review on the App Store. Share the love!



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